Selected publications
This section presents a sample of publications developed by the research team related with the line of environmental management and impacts in ports. This section is divided in articles in scientific journals, articles in port-sector journals, book chapters and communications in conferences.

Articles in scientific journals
Articles in port-sector journals
  • Puig, M.; Wooldridge, C.; Quinteri, E.; Darbra, R.M.; Seguí, X. (2016). Top 10 environmental issues for EU inland ports. Science for Environment Policy, no. 456, pp. 1-2.
  • Segui, X.; Puig, M.; Darbra, R.M.; Wooldridge, C. (2015). Looking towards the hinterland for sustainable development. GreenPort, vol. Winter 2015, pp. 14-17.
  • Wooldridge, C & Puig, M. (2011). Echoes through time. EcoPorts: past, present and future. GreenPort, vol. Spring 2011, pp. 22-23.
  • Darbra, R.M.; Royston, K. (2007). Environmental initiatives in European Ports. Marine and Ports Review. pp. 19 - 21.

Book chapters
  • Tselentis, V.; Michail, A.; Darbra, R.M.; Puig, M.; Wooldridge, C. (2015). Evidence-Based Monitoring for Sustainable Development of Port and Chain Operations in: Sustainable Development of Sea-Corridors and Coastal Waters.
  • Darbra, R.M. (2006). Port perspectives and environmental management considerations. Places of refuge for ships. Emerging environmental concerns of a maritime custom. pp. 119 - 143. Martinus Nijhoff Publishers.
  • Darbra, R.M.; Crawford, J.; Haley, C.W.; Morrison, R.J. (2006). Report on the project: "Safety Culture and Hazard Risk Perception of Australian and New Zealand Maritime Pilots". University of Wollongong.

Recent communications in conferences
  • Puig, M.; Darbra, R.M. (2015). Development of a Tool for the identification and assessment of Environmental Aspects in Ports (TEAP). PERSEUS Scientific Conference. Integrated Marine Research in the Mediterranean and the Black Sea. Brussels, Belgium. Conference proceedings 2015.
  • Seguí, X.; Puig, M.; Wooldridge, C.; Darbra, R.M. (2015) Inland ports looking seaward and towards the hinterland for sustainable development. GreenPort Congress 2015. Copenhagen, Denmark. Conference Handbook. Pgs. 107-116.
  • Puig, M.; Casal, J.; Darbra, R.M. (2014). Methodology for the identification of significant environmental aspects in Mediterranean and Black seas. 2nd International Ocean Research Conference. Program and Abstracts. Barcelona, Spain.
  • Puig, M.; Casal, J.; Dabra, R.M. (2014) Methodology for the identification of Significant Environmental Aspects in Mediterranean and Black Sea Ports Conference HandBook. GreenPort Congress 2014. Barcelona. Pgs. 153-161.
  • Puig, M., Casal, J., Darbra, R.M. (2014). Environmental management performance in the Mediterranean and Black Sea ports. International Congress on Green Infrastructure and Sustainable Societies / Cities (GREINSUS-2014). Izmir (Turkey).
  • Puig, M.; Wooldridge, C.; Casal, J.; Darbra, R.M. (2013). Environmental reporting and communication - Show me the evidence! GreenPort Congress 2013. Antwerp, Belguim.
  • Michail, A., Puig, M., Wooldridge, C. (2011). EcoPorts entering a new era: re-launched as part of the ESPO services. Energy for Green Ports and GreenPort Logistics Conference 2011. Venice (Italy).