Environmental management and impacts in ports
The EPORTS.cat research team has worked in the field of environmental management and impacts in ports for more than 20 years. The conducted research includes topics such as:
  • Calculation of Green House Emission in port areas
  • Identification of environmental risks in ports
  • Assessment of Significant Environmental Aspects (SEAs)
  • Identification of environmental monitoring needs
  • Implementation of Environmental Performance Indicators (EPIs) in ports
  • Identification of top environmental priorities of sea and inland ports
  • Provision of measures to mitigate potential environmental impacts
  • Analysis of places of refuge for ship in distress
  • Pilot safety studies.
The team has participated in a set of national and international research projects, developing in them useful methodologies to assist ports in their environmental management. As a result of this research and experience, a wide range of scientific articles have been published, as well as contributions to conferences, workshops and working groups.

Examples of projects that the research team has been involved include ECOPORTS (2002-2005), PEARL (2005-2008), PPRISM (2010-2011), SIMDESPORTS (2011-2013), PERSEUS (2012-2015) and PORTOPIA (2013-2017). In the link below you will find them described in more detail. In addition, the team has participated annually in well-established initiatives of the sector, such as the GreenPort congress or the ESPO conference.